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Cocodrene 25 Ephedra Cloma Pharma


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Cloma Pharma Cocodrene 25 Ephedra
90 Capsules / Extreme Fat Burners with Ephedra! Super fat burner with 25 mg ephedra, DMAE bitartrate, GABA, … Extremely effective and highly effective fat burner. Burns fat, slows your appetite, gives you extreme energy and improves your mood!


Cocodrene 25 Ephedra Cloma Pharma Fat Burner

The top brand or the top fat burner manufacturer Cloma Pharma Labs has brought to the market with the Cocodrene a fat burner that is unparalleled! The unique fat burner has in addition to thermogenic properties and top ingredients and ingredients such as bsp. Ephedra (Ephedrin), DMAE bitrate, GABA, … a very significant effect. For fitness enthusiasts and athletes who are already in their desired form, the Cocodrene 25 Ephedra Cloma Pharma is the Supplement par excellence to keep their shape , Cocodrene 25 Ephedra Cloma Pharma blocks the accumulation of new fat deposits. At the same time it burns your surplus fat! mood-enhancing affects your well-being ! Furthermore, the Cocodrene 25 Ephedra Cloma Pharma has almost no side effects. The Cocodrene 25 Ephedra Cloma Pharma is the most compatible of all in the Clomo Pharma fat burner family Fatburners code. The Cocodrene 25 Ephedra Cloma Pharma is often used as a Pre Workout Booster capsule / tablet!

Cocodrene 25 Ephedra Cloma Pharma Benefits:

  • The thermogenic fat burner Cocodrene 25 Ephedra Cloma Pharma massively breaks down fat.
  • Thermogenesis makes you burn fat extremely fast thanks to the Cocodrene 25 Ephedra Cloma Pharma .
  • Energy released from fat burning gives you massive power!
  • Your appetite is inhibited / suppressed by the Cocodrene 25 Ephedra Cloma Pharma slimming pills!
  • Cocodrene 25 Ephedra Cloma Pharma slimming pills helps you lose excess weight!
  • The super fatburner Cocodrene 25 Ephedra Cloma Pharma blocks a new buildup of new fat deposits!
  • Cocodrene 25 Ephedra Cloma Pharma stimulates brain activity through the nervous system!
  • Taking the Cocodrene 25 Ephedra Cloma Pharma has a positive effect on your mood / well-being!
  • An energy pulse is released in your body!
  • The product Cocodrene 25 Ephedra Cloma Pharma is perfect for keeping the shape!
  • Massive increase in stamina due to Cocodrene 25 Ephedra Cloma Pharma!
  • The Fatburner Cocodrene 25 Ephedra Cloma Pharma is catching your eye!

Cocodrene 25 Ephedra Cloma Pharma Effects and Effects:

    • DMAE Bitartrate in the Cocodrene 25 Ephedra Cloma Pharma is the ingredient responsible for the nootropic effect. It improves your mood and your memory enormously. DMAE bitartrate affects development of intelligence and intellect massively positively. Affects assimilation of oxygen which in turn leads to increased muscle productivity and physical energy .

GABA in the Cocodrene 25 Ephedra Cloma Pharma has a positive effect on increased blood supply. GABA has a calming and positive effect fat burning and sleep quality. Clinically proven increase in growth hormone concentration to 4- 6 times in the blood!

  • Caffeine, Theobramine, Guarana, etc. A number of stimulants work similar to caffeine. You make you happy, increase your well-being and increase your energy balance and for a long time.
  • and much more.


Cocodrene 25 Ephedra Cloma Pharma – Possible Side Effects:

  • Faster heart rate possible
  • Increased sweating (lipolysis)
  • Slightly elevated body temperature (thermogenesis) possible
  • People with cardiovascular disease or high blood pressure should not be advised to use this product!

Cocodrene 25 Ephedra Cloma Pharma Ingestion, Use, Dose and Dosage

Cocodrene 25 Ephedra Cloma Pharma is taken 2 times a day!

  1. Morning 1 capsule 30 minutes before breakfast
  2. Lunch 1 capsule 30 minutes before your meal

Taking the Cocodrene 25 Ephedra Cloma Pharma on an empty stomach enhances the effect. The intake after or during the meal reduces the effect! For the best possible effect of the Cocodrene 25 Ephedra Cloma Pharma the manufacturer recommends 1 liter of water per day in addition to drinking!

Cocodrene 25 Ephedra Cloma Pharma Ingredients:

COCODRENE Multi-Action Nootropic Blend
Cocoa Seed Extract 20% Theobromine 250mg, Caffeine Anhydrous (98%) 300mg, Guarana Seed Extract 4: 1 40mg, Eph Viridis (Leaf Powder) 25mg, Grape Seed Extract 4: 1 50mg, DMAE Bitartrate 50mg, Gama Amino Butyric Acid (GABA) 20mg
*% RDA = percentage of recommended daily intake (based on a daily requirement of 2000 calories).
Other ingredients in Cocodrene 25 Ephedra Cloma Pharma: Gelatin, Chocolate Fragrance, Rice Flour, Chocolate Flavor, Magnesium Stearate.

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