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SAN Tight Original Fat Burner


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SAN Tight Original Fat Burner
An effective fat burner that has ability to increase metabolism even at rest, helping you achieve your weight loss goals much faster.
60 capsules / pack!


SAN Tight Original Fat Burner

Tight from SAN are extremely strong and effektiv fat burners! If you’re looking for extreme fat loss and an increased metabolism even at rest, Tight Original might be the perfect choice. This supreme fat loss catalyst keeps your metabolism working hard even at rest with proven metabolic boosters. Tight Original also promote the increased breakdown of body fat, support healthy thyroid

SAN Tight Original Fat Burner Benefits:

  • The SAN Tight Original Fat Burner contains Synephrine HCL & Yohimbine HCL!
  • SAN Tight Original Fat Burner is a fat burner and appetite suppressant which supports the resting metabolism!
  • SAN Tight Original Fat BurnerPromote fat loss!
  • Targeted and Intentional Fat Burning by Using the SAN Tight Original Fatburner Capsules!
  • Massively greater mental capacity through SAN Tight Original Fat Burner ingestion!
  • Mood-enhancing properties when taking SAN Tight Original Fat Burner!
  • Better motivation in sports and training thanks to SAN Tight Original Fat Burner!

SAN Tight Original Fat Burner Effect:

SAN TIGHT Original! keeps your metabolism working hard even at rest with tested metabolic boosters like synephrine, sclareolide and guggelsterones E & Z. The combination of these ingredients also promote the breakdown of bodyfat and support healthy thyroid function. The yohimbine in TIGHT! not only helps with increased blood flow, but it can also elevate your mood to keep you determined and focused.

The combination of caffeine and green tea extract with 60% EGCG give TIGHT! a powerful thermogenic agent, plus the added benefit of increased alertness and focus. Bioperine enhances the absorption of all the elements in TIGHT!

If you’re looking to support fat loss and an increased metabolism even at rest, SAN TIGHT! is the original supreme fat loss catalyst.

SAN Tight Original Fat Burner Ingredients:

Directions For Tight: Take 1 capsule once daily with meals. Due to formula potency, do not take more than 1 capsule in any 24-hour period.
Serving Size: 60 capsules per pack!
Proprietary Thermogenic Complex 375 mg
Caffeine Anhydrous 99%, Green tea Extract 60%, EGCG, Synephrine HCL 96%, Pure Guggulsterones E & Z 99%, Slareolide 96%, Yohimbine 99%, Vinpocetine 99%, Bioperine96%)

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