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Lipodrine Yohimbine HCL Gel – Advanced Formula


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Lipodrine Yohimbine HCL Gel ist ein Gel zur Fettverbrennung welches speziell auf Fettpolster abzielt.

Mit seiner kraftvollen Kombination der folgenden Inhaltsstoffe ist es das stärkste und effizienteste Gel zur Fettverbrennung!


Lipodrine (Sculpt) is a fat burning gel that specifically targets stubborn fatty deposits.
It has a powerful synergistic combination of the following compounds making it one of the most effective products available today!

Lipodrine Yohimbine HCL Gel – Extreme Fat Reduction Formula

What is Lipodrine (Sculpt)?

Lipodrine (Sculpt) is a very efficiente fat burning gel with Yohimbine HCL.

How Does the Yohimbine HCL Gel work?

Lipodrine (Sculpts) main active ingredient is Yohimbine hcl. Yohimbine binds to sites in your body called Alpha-2 (A2) receptors. Yohimbine is an Alpha-2 antagonist, which means that it blocks these A2 receptors sites. Sculpt delivers Yohimbine to the site where it is applied. Which should be a site with a lot of A2 receptors, which we will get into later.


  • Yohimbine HCL
  • Octopamine HCL
  • N-Acetyl- L-Carnitine HCL
  • Caffeine HCL

How to use Lipodrine Yohimbine HCL Gel:

Lipodrine (Sculpt): 4 – 8 squirts rubbed onto problem area twice daily, preferably 8 – 12 hours apart. Its more effective to concentrate on one particular bodypart (eg. Midsection, thighs) for a few weeks and then going on to another body zone thereafter, rather than trying to do it all at once and spraying onton all different problem areas.

Wash hands before and after use. Apply to clean, hairless skin for optimal results. Exfoliate skin 2 – 3 times per week to maximize effects

Inhaltsstoffe des Gels:

Caffeine Anhydrous
Acetyl Carnitine HCL
Yohimbine HCL
Raspberry Ketone
Benzyl Nicotinate
Transcutol(c) P
CosmoPerine (TM)

Natrosol, Isopropyl Alcohol, Trigylceride Complex, R.O Water.

Lipodrine Yohimbine HCL Gel:

Serving Size: 4 PUMPS (4ml)
Serving Per Container:  30

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