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Centurion Labz Legion 1,3 Fat Burner


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Centurion Labz Legion 1,3 Fat Burner
The innovative fat burner and cortisol reducer. With DMAA, Yohimbine…
60 capsules / pack!


Centurion Labz Legion 1,3 Fat Burner

Legion 1,3 from Centurion Labz is one of the hottest fat burners on the market! The Legion 1.3 DMAA offers a complex and unique formula to maximize thermogenesis, metabolism and fat loss. Legion 1,3-Dimethylamylamine combines strong stimulants that guarantee a sufficient dose of energy and concentration during physical activity. Designed to help you lose weight and maximize fat burning, this powerful super fat burner is also designed to prevent cortisol from affecting your body! If you have tried many other fat burners and have not seen any results, the Centurion Labz Legion 1,3 could be the perfect fat burner!

Centurion Labz Legion 1,3 Fat Burner Benefits:

  • The Centurion Labz Legion 1,3 Fat Burner contains Methylhexanamine HCL (DMAA) & Yohimbine!
  • Centurion Labz Legion 1,3 DMAA is a fat burner and appetite suppressant in one product!
  • Fast and Radical Weight Loss with Centurion Labz Legion 1,3 Fat Burner!
  • Targeted and Intentional Fat Burning by Using the Centurion Labz Legion 1,3 DMAA Fatburner Capsules!
  • Centurion Labz Legion 1,3 DMAA is a high quality Geranium Extract!
  • Massively greater mental capacity through Centurion Labz Legion 1,3 Fat Burner ingestion!
  • Improved and Modulated Metabolism with Centurion Labz Legion 1,3 Cure!
  • Mood-enhancing properties when taking Centurion Labz Legion 1.3 DMAA!
  • Better motivation in sports and training thanks to Centurion Labz Legion 1.3 DMAA!

Centurion Labz Legion 1,3 Fat Burner Effect:

The Centurion Labz Legion 1,3 Fatburner Capsules are very different than similar fat burner supplements. The Centurion Labz Legion 1.3 DMAA contains a range of ingredients specifically selected to help reduce fat burning and reduce cortisol in the body. If too much cortisol is produced due to stress, it may limit the body’s ability to burn fat, especially in the problem areas area. Centurion Labz Legion 1,3 Fat Burner reduces cortisol production, significantly contributing to a leaner body / figure.

Centurion Labz Legion 1,3 Fat Burner Ingredients:

Serving Size: 1-2 capsules a day. 60 capsules per pack!
Total Blend: 663 mg
Caffeine Anhydrous 250 mg, B12 75 mg, Methylhexanamine HCL 60 mg DMAA, Cocoa Bean Extract 25 mg, Theobroma Cocoa Extract (seed) 75 mg, Octopamine 25 mg, Noopept 1o mg, Synephrine 33 mg, N-Acetyl L-tyrosine 50 mg, Hordenine 27 mg, Ghost Pepper Extract 11 mg, Piperine 10 mg, Niacin 10 mg, Alpha Yohimbine 2 mg.

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