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USA Supplements LLC. – PHENIBUT 600mg


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USA Supplements LLC. – PHENIBUT powder 600mg

After a hard workout you deserve some rest. Phenibut helps you to have a restful sleep and to regenerate body and soul.


USA Supplements LLC. – PHENIBUT 600mg Fatburner

Phenibut is a highly effective GABA derivative that is used treat sleep disturbances, anxiety states and nervousness. Top athletes and bodybuilders can help the substance to calm their nerves and relax their muscles.

Hard, intensive training is a challenge for body and soul. It can lead to signs of fatigue in your everyday life and during your workouts. Hence it´s important that your body gets regular regenerative phases. Phenibut will help you to calm down overloaded nerves, it can release tension in the muscles and reduce training-induced sleep disturbances. A deep and restful sleep is important and has positive effects endogenous growth hormones which are released in the deep seep phase.

Furthermore Phenibut can elevate your well-being and increase your mental performance. You will get fitter and more resistant to stress: In your everyday life and during your workouts!

USA Supplements LLC. – PHENIBUT 600mg suggested usage

The manufacturer of USA Supplements LLC. recommends:
Gradual increase of the dose, start with 250 ml per day to maximum 1500 mg a day. If you reach the dose of 1500 mg, you should take a break for a couple of weeks and then start with a low dose again.


USA Supplements LLC. – PHENIBUT 600mg Fatburner ingredients:

Supplement Facts / Ingredients: Phenibut (beta-phenyl-gamma-aminobutyric acid) 600mg

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