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Delta Health Yellow Bullet ECA


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Delta Health Yellow Bullet ECA
ECA STACK with yohimbine with 25 mg ephedra and 300 mg caffeine per capsule.
100 capsules: Delta Health Yellow Bullet ECA


Buy Delta Health Yellow Bullet ECA – Super Fat Burner

Even without a diet, the Deltahealth Yellow Bullet ECA burns unsightly body fat with yohimbine! The preparation brings you to your dream figure!

Delta Health Yellow Bullet ECA fatburner the legendary and classic ECA stack! Massive, effective increase of your metabolism. The Delta Health Yellow Bullet ECA increases your fat burning 24 hours a day. Perfect for losing weight. The Supplement Delta Health Yellow Bullet ECA inhibits your appetite (appetit inhibitor) and automatically lowers your calorie intake. At the same time, you get energy from burning your body fat. The Delta Health Yellow Bullet ECA Stack increases mental and physical performance.

At the same time, your concentration is increased and your power increased during training! Delta Health Yellow Bullet ECA Stack is patented in the USA. Delta Health Yellow Bullet ECA has been scientifically studied, confirming the extreme fat burning power. * Content: 100 capsules / tabs per pack.

Delta Health Yellow Bullet ECA Benefits:

  • Includes Ephedra Extract, Caffeine and Acetylsalicylic Acid (Aspirin) – Buy Delta Health Yellow Bullet ECA Stack Now!
  • For a Radical, Uncompromising and Maximum Body Fat Removal – Buy Delta Health Yellow Bullet ECA Stack!
  • The Thermogenesis in the Delta Health Yellow Bullet ECA Stack accelerates your fat burning!
  • High-dose Delta Health Yellow Bullet ECA Fatburner is perfect for losing weight!
  • Quick Burn Your Excess Body Fat by Delta Health Yellow Bullet ECA Fat Burner!
  • Maximum metabolism through the Yellow Bullet ECA slimming pills!
  • The product Delta Health Yellow Bullet ECA is Pre Workout BoosterECA Stack & Fatburner in one!
  • Maximum fat burning at the problem areas through the Delta Health Yellow Bullet ECA slimming tablets!
  • The Delta Health Yellow Bullet ECA super fatburner stands for maximum suppression / inhibition of your appetite!
  • For an extremely fast body weight loss Buy Delta Health Yellow Bullet ECA!
  • Use the Delta Health Yellow Bullet ECA fatburner capsules for quick and easy access to your dream figure!
  • The fat burner Delta Health Yellow Bullet ECA massively accelerates weight loss and burning fat!
  • More energy and power for your body through the Delta Health Yellow Bullet ECA slimming capsules!
  • A better feeling of wellbeing thanks to Delta Health Yellow Bullet ECA capsules!
  • The well-known Delta Health Yellow Bullet ECA with (ephedrine / ephedra, caffeine, aspirin) & Co.
  • For your daily training, the Delta Health Yellow Bullet ECA is perfect!
  • Fatburner Delta Health Yellow Bullet ECA Stack for a higher adrenaline release!
  • Taking the Delta Health Yellow Bullet ECA Fatburner tablets brings a massive boost to your body’s performance!
  • Massive increase in your metabolism thanks to Delta Health Yellow Bullet ECA Stack Supplement!
  • Delta Health Yellow Bullet ECA strengthens your immune system!
  • The Delta Health Yellow Bullet ECA supplement usually has a tremendous mood-enhancing effect!
  • The Yellow Bullet ECA Promotes concentration and attracts attention!
  • Top formulation of exclusively high-quality ingredients in the Delta Health Yellow Bullet ECA!
  • Maximum weight loss through Delta Health Yellow Bullet ECA fatkiller!


Delta Health Yellow Bullet ECA Stack Effect:

The original Delta Health Yellow Bullet ECA with Yohimbine helps you to get rid of bad body fat and to keep it away forever!

In addition to the problem areas, the Yellow Bullet Delta Health ECA with Yohimbine can also successfully eliminate body fat! The contained yohimbine HCL blocks the alpha receptors. Yohimbine HCL eliminates bad body fat in typical problem areas. 25 mg Ephedra (Ephedrine) boost your metabolism, metabolism and your fat burning. Ephedra Extract (ephedrine) acts as an appetite suppressant. So your desire for food is eliminated. Losing weight is possible with the Yellow Bullet ECA even without diet! At the same time, the stimulants in the Delta Health Yellow Bullet ECA Fatburner give you strength and energy. With this product, there is no fatigue and slack in weight loss. The taking of the Yellow Bullet ECA brings you to your Zeil of your dream figure. Faster, better, easier and happier!

Delta Health Yellow Bullet ECA Stack Ingestion & Dosage:

The intake recommendation is one capsule once in the morning. On training days, you can also take another capsule before your workout. Never exceed 2 capsules a day!
Serving = 1 capsule Delta Health Yellow Bullet ECA, 100 capsules per package!

Delta Health Yellow Bullet ECA Stack Ingredients:

  1. Proprietary Blend 925 mg:
    Picamilon, Xanthinol Niacinate Yohimbine Hcl, Nettle Root Extract, Synephrone Caprylate, Phenylethylamine Hcl, Glucuronolactone, Ephedra Extract (25 mg Ephedra Nevadensis)
  2. Caffeine (Anhydrous) 300 mg:
    *% RDA = percentage of recommended daily intake (based on a daily requirement of 2000 calories)
  3. Other Ingredients of Delta Health Yellow Bullet ECA:
    Gelatin, magnesium stearate, silica, titanium dioxide, FD & C yellow # 5, FD & C yellow # 6.
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