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CA Elite Fat Burner Ephedra Hard Rock
USA Fatburner / ECA Stack with 25 mg Ephedra – Extreme strong fat burnung effect!
Perfect support for your diet & weight loss / fat loss!


ECA Elite 25mg Ephedra ECA Stack Hard Rock is the best and fastest fat burning product along with energy boosting quality


ECA Elite 25mg Ephedra ECA Stack Hard Rock is the fastest fat burning product and is mostly liked by the bodybuilders and athletes. It has another feature of providing immense energy that is why it is mostly liked by the sportsmen. This product is also used for muscle definition and to increases the endurance level in the body. The ingredients used in this product are known as the best to reduce the weight, to burn the fats and to provide the immense energy. This product is available in the form of capsule.

Ingredients used in the product:

The active substances used in this product are

·        Ephedra 25mg

·        Aspirin

·        ECA proprietary blend

·        Yohimbe extract

·        Guarana extract

·        Caffeine

·        B vitamins.

Effects of the product observed:

The ECA Elite 25mg Ephedra ECA Stack Hard Rock is used by fitness oriented people, athletes and bodybuilders to get the massive energy. It is considered as one of the fastest fat burning and weight losing products. This product has got the long lasting effect of 24 hours. It is a positive mood enhacer. The yohimbe extract is known to suppress the appetite, guarana extracts are considered responsible to get the massive energy and caffeine is considered the best to burn the body fats rapidly

Basic Benefits:

·        It is a massive fat burner

·        It boosts up immense energy

·        It is the best to lose the weight rapidly

·        It suppresses the appetite

·        It boosts up the metabolism of the body

·        It promotes concentration and activeness

·        It has a long lasting effect almost 24 hours

·        It is comparatively cheap than other fat burning products.

Normal daily dose and directions:

·        We recommend that you should take 1 capsule a day in the start of the course

·        Take the capsule before the exercise

·        After using it for a long period of time, one can increase the intake of this product up to 3 capsules a day according to his health suitability and tolerability

·        Do not take more dose than prescription otherwise you may face some side effects

·        Before using this product you should consult to your doctor who will prescribe the most suitable daily dose

·        Drink plenty of water when you intake this product

·        It is better to use this product with low carbohydrate diet to get the maximum and fast results

·        This product is not suitable for underage people.

Possible Side Effects:
If you take the dose according to the prescription, it is totally safe to use this product. Some side effects may be observed if someone take the over dose or more than the prescribed dose which are as under:

·        Skin rashes

·        Muscle pain

·        Anaphylaxis

·        Shaking

·        Angina

·        Anxiety

·         Abnormal heart beat


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rafeal 07/05/2019


Love it!

jones 07/05/2019

Love it

This is just like the original in my opinion

bob 07/05/2019

Best choice

,it really works.

james 07/05/2019

good product

I love this product,

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