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Hell Fire Fat Burner Ironmaxx INNOVATIVE LABS
90 capsules Hellfire Fat Burner / 150mg Ephedra & DMAA !!!
Thermo-Rx® of phenylethylamine alkaloids / Thermo-Z® Ephedra extract!
EXTREMELY HOODED – EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE! 150mg Ephedra Extract / Thermocore Blend 305mg


Hellfire Fat burner Innovative Labs is the tremendous fat burning, energy uplifting and power supplying product.


The Hellfire Fat burner Innovative Labs is available in the form of capsules and each pack contains 90 capsules. These capsules are extremely beneficial for those who want to lose their weight in a short period of time and to get real results. This product is a super energy boosting and provides immense power for the workout. This is super fast product to burn the excessive body fats.

Ingredients used in the product:

The fast acting ingredients used in this product are:

·        Ephedra extract

·        Caffeine

·        ThermoCore

·        Proprietary StimMax

Effects of the product:

The Hellfire Fat burn Innovative Labs is great metabolism stimulant and it stimulates the metabolism for up to 8 hours. It suppresses the appetite, which in result help you to reduce your body weight. This is also helpful in uplifting the mental and physical concentration and endurance level of the body. It enhances the positive moods and makes you alert and active for all day long. This product is a tremendous fat burner and is capable of burning the new and old deposits of fats. It will provide you the immense energy and power to do the exercise and to get the best body shape. It will stimulate the central nervous system the body to make you fresh and energized.

The Benefits of the product:

There are various noticeable benefits of this product which are:

·        It stimulates the metabolism for about 8 hours

·        It improves the metabolism

·        It boosts up energy level in the body

·        It improves the endurance level

·        It reduces the body weight rapidly

·        It is one of the fastest fat burner

·        It elevates the mental and physical concentration

·        It gives you the alertness and freshness

·        It is the best appetite suppressant

·        It helps you to maintain the weight

·        It has a long lasting effect

Daily dose and directions:

·        This is a strong medicine that is why it is not suitable for the underage teenagers

·        Pregnant and breast feeding women should not take this medicine

·        This product is not suitable for the patients of high blood pressure, prostate enlargement, anxiety, kidney, thyroid, heart, depression, any psychiatric disease, seizure disorder or stroke

·        1 capsule a day is enough for the normal users, take this dose with breakfast

·        Do not take over dose or do not take more than 2 capsules a day, do not take 2 capsules at one time

·        One can increase the daily dose up to 2 capsules according to the suitability and tolerability

·        Drink good amount of water all the day while using this product

Side Effects:

Some side effects may occur in case of non-suitability or over dose:

·        Seizure disorder

·        Prostate enlargement

·        High blood pressure

·        Abnormal heart beat

·        Dizziness

·        Nausea

·        Depression

·        Difficulty in urination

·        Vomiting

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shawn 07/05/2019

fast delivery

Very good product I'm very happy to continue purchasing through same day supplements

andres 07/05/2019


This is the best fat burner I've ever tried

hemmy 07/05/2019

it works

Great energy and curbs appetite

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