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Hell Fire Fat Burner EPH 150 Innovative Labs

Very strong & popular ephedrine based fat burner. Megadose of 150 mg EPH in each fat burner capsule for massive fat burning and brutal energy!


If you have tried numerous products to burn your stubborn body fats and did not get results, try the Hellfire Fat Burner EPH 150 Innovative Labs and you will not regret.

Introduction of the product:

Hellfire Fat Burner EPH 150 Innovative Labs is available in the capsule form and each pack contains 90 capsules. The basic ingredient used in this product is ephedrine which is known as the best and rapid fat burner is used in almost every weight reducing product. This product will provide you uplifted energy to do exercise every day and will suppress the hunger cravings and burn the body fats. This process will help you to reduce the weight easily and naturally.

Ingredients used in the product:

Some basic ingredients used in this product are:

·        Ephedra extract

·        Caffeine Anhydrous

·        Yohimbe extract

·        B vitamins

·        Beta phenylethylamine Hcl

Effects of the product:

The Hellfire Fat Burner EPH 150 Innovative Labs capsules are extremely powerful thermognic supplement and are capable or burning your body fats and to let you reach to your weight loss goals. This is a natural and herbal fat burning and energy uplifting drug. The best feature of this drug is to elevate the metabolism and energy level of the body. This is a natural formula to stop the annoying hunger attacks and it maintains your appetite which is a most suitable and natural way to reduce the weight. This product is really helpful in improving the stamina that is why it is mostly liked by athletes. This product has got the capability to increase the mental focus so that you can maintain your body according to your desire. The ingredients especially ephedra and caffeine are basically responsible to burn the body fats rapidly and to provide you the slim fit shaped body.

Key Benefits:

·        This is a rapid energy increasing product

·        This product provides increased energy and metabolism

·        It increases the mental focus and activeness

·        It uplifts the stamina

·        It stops the annoying hunger attacks

·        This is one of the fastest fat burning product

·        It  is also used to enhance the positive moods

·        No crash

Daily dose and directions to use:

·        If you are intending to lose the weight then just take 1 capsule a day after the breakfast in the morning

·        If you are an experienced athlete then you can take 2 capsules a day but with the consent of your doctor

·        If you want to increase the stamina, plan to do massive workout and want to get the strong body then you should take this product 30 minutes before the workout

·        Do not take more than 2 capsules a day to avoid any serious health condition

·        It is recommended that you should drink plenty of water during the course of this product

·        Do not take this drug longer than the duration of 8 weeks

Side Effects:

Do not take more dose than prescription otherwise you may face the side effects like:

·        Abnormal heart beat

·        Anxiety

·        Seizures

·        Muscle disorder

·        Dizziness

·        Vomiting

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simeon 07/05/2019


They are affordable and super fast bringing the best supplements available.

tracy 07/05/2019

loving it

I have ordered from same day supplements for about 2 years. They are affordable and super fast bringing the best supplements available

abigail 07/05/2019

loving it

I work a lot of hours and lose a few pounds too. Thanks

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