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Hydroxyelite DMAA Hi-Tech Pharma


Get immense energy and slim fit body according to your goals by using the Hydroxyelite Hi-Tech Pharma.

Introduction of the product:

This product is a mixture of some amazing ingredients which act as catalyst in the process of rapid fat burning. The natural ingredients used in this product make it the most suitable and safe product for both men and women but with some exceptions. This is available in the capsule form and each pack of this supplement contains 90 capsules. This is a great combination to reduce the weight and to boost up the energy level.

Ingredients used in this product:

Some of the amazing ingredients are used in this product to provide you the best results:

·        Bauhinia purpurea extract

·        Rauwolfia canescens

·        Bacopa monnieri extract

·        Caffeine

·        Cirsium oligophyllum extract

·        Garcinia cambogia  extract

·        Sodium starch glycolate

·        Gelatin

·        Di-calcium phosphate

·        Silicon dioxide

·        Titanium dioxide

Effects of the product:

Hydroxyelite Hi-Tech Pharma is the combination of two basic natural elements which are Garcinia cambogia extract and oxyelite pro, these two ingredients are considered the fastest fat burning combination and to reduce the body weight without losing the muscle mass abnormally. The Garcinia cambogia extract along with yohimbine extract helps body to suppress the hunger attacks which is a natural way to reduce the weight but it does not affect your appetite or does not negatively affect the stomach. This supplement is also used to recover the body from weakness and to elevate the energy and metabolism level of the body. It provides immense power to do daily workout.

Main benefits:

·        This is a natural fat burning product

·        It is the most potent thermogenic supplemet

·        It controls the abnormal muscle loss

·        It enhances the positive moods, energy and metabolism

·        It is a strong blocker of new fat deposits

·        It can also be used to increase the stamina

·        It reduces the weight effectively

·        It stops the conversion of carbohydrates into fats which you take daily

Daily dose and directions:

·        Take 1 capsule in the morning with breakfast and 1 in the afternoon with lunch

·        Do not exceed the above mentioned dose to avoid any side effects

·        Consult to your doctor if you want to increase the daily dose

·        This is a natural supplement and both men and women can take this supplement as this is considered one of the safest supplements

·        Pregnant and nursing women are advised to consult to their doctor before using this product as we do not recommend this supplement to these women

·        Do not use this supplement if you are under the age of 18

Side effects:

No side effects have been observed. If someone takes the daily dose according to the prescription of the doctor, there are no chances of occurrence of any side effects except in the case of over dose. The side effects may be observed like:

·        Increased heart beat

·        Abnormal sweating

·        High blood pressure

·        Insomnia

·        Nausea

·        Anxiety

·        Headache


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Eden 07/05/2019


I'll purchase again, I never come across this kind of effective product

Jamal 07/05/2019

Compelling product

Simply the best of all, hoping to purchase again

stone 07/05/2019


Work as described, keeps me going during my workout.

Micheal 07/05/2019

Works effectively

Best product I 've ever used

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