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Lipodrene Hardcore DMAA Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals
700mg Tablets Lipodrene Hardcore.
The Hardcore Fatburner with 700mg (!!) active ingredient. Ephedra Extract, DMAA, yohimbe, and much more. One of the most effective fat burner on the market! 90 tablets


Lipodrene Hardcore with DMAA and Yohimbe is a hardcore fat burning and appetite suppressing product.


Lipodrene Hardcore with DMAA and Yohimbe is a hardcore fat burning product which will burn the massive body fats rapidly. It suppresses the hunger attacks and helps you to take the healthy food according the schedule. This product is available in the form of tablets and each contains 90 tablets. This is mostly used to get the slim body shape and to reduce the body weight in due time.

Ingredients used in this product:

There are numerous ingredients used in this product:

·        Yohimbe extract

·        Yerba mate extract

·        Theobroma cocoa extract

·        Acacia rigidula extract

·        Citrus aurantium

·        Cassia nomame extract

·        Naringen

·        Evodiamine

·        Caffeine

·        Theobromine

Effects of the product:

This is a hardcore version of DMAA and is an extreme fat burner along with the amazing feature to increase the tremendous energy level in the body. This is the most suitable and safe product for both men and women. Women can take this product to reduce the fats from the problem zones like hip, lower back, buttocks and thighs. This is also an energy enhancement supplement and it will enable you to do daily workout with great power along with long lasting energy. It maintains the metabolism of the body and increases the endurance level. This is known as the best weight loss product. It allows you to control the hunger desires and help you to intake the low calorie food according to the daily schedule.

Benefits of this product:

·        It allows you to control the hunger desires

·        It increases the energy level

·        It increases and maintains the metabolism of the body

·        It is used to get the immense power to do the daily workout at highest pace

·        It makes you healthier and fresh

·        It preserves muscle mass during the weight loss process

·        It is rapid weight loss product

·        It is the massive fat burning product

·        It burns the fats of the areas of the body like hips, abs, thighs and buttocks, especially in women

·        It is the best product to get the cleared and strong abs

Daily dose and directions to use:

·        It is recommended to take 1 tablet in the morning with breakfast and 1 with lunch

·        Do not take more than 2 tablets a day to avoid any kind of side effects

·        You can increase the daily dose with the passage of time but according to the prescription of your physician or doctor

·        This product is totally safe and suitable for both males and females

·        This is advised to consult to your doctor prior using this product if you are underage, breast feeding or pregnant women

Side Effects:

It is a safe supplement but some side effects may be observed in case of over dose like:

·        abnormal blood pressure

·        Sleep disorder

·        Loss of appetite

·        Loss of muscle mass

·        Nausea

·        Dizziness


138 Items
Louis 07/07/2019

Great Cap

a very potent cap to energize your day.

Brown 07/07/2019

Great supplement

Highly Recommended

Barrack 07/07/2019


Felling better everyday & losing weight

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