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Oxy Elite Pro Fat Burner USP LABS
90 capsules Oxyelite Pro = approx. 45 servings of 2 capsules Oxy Elite Pro Fat Burner USP LABS


Oxy Elite Pro Fat Burner USP Labs is a cheap but best quality fat burner along thermo-genic effects.


This product is comparatively a cheap one but it does not mean that it is of low quality. This is the best product of its type and can burn your body fats rapidly. The Oxy Elite Pro Fat Burner USP Labs is best for losing the weight, to elevate the energy to do the daily exercise to achieve the goals. It is super appetite suppressant. This product is available in capsule for and each pack of this contains 90 capsules.

Ingredients used:

·        Caffeine

·        Bauhinia purpurea leaf extract

·        Yohimbe extract

·        Silicon dioxide

·        Gelatin

·        Aegeline

·        Norcoclaurine HCL

·        Hemerocallis

·        Fulva heated concentrated extract

Effects of the product:

This product is a thermogenic fat burner which means it melts the body fats and maintains the metabolism of the body. Along with fat burning, this product has got the feature of uplifting the energy level and to increase the endurance level. It is a super effective to suppress the hunger attacks and to maintain the energy level. It is noticed that this is the best weight loss product and provides the results rapidly and effectively. It suppresses the craving of sweets and junk foods as well. Other so called fat burning products just reduce the water weight of the body but this product targets the right type of the fats which need to be burn and reduced. The most important thing to be noted is that it keeps on burning the body fats even after the daily workout or exercise which is responsible to enable you to reduce your weight quickly.

Benefits of the product:

·        It is an extreme energy booster and you remain fresh and active all the day

·        It is the super fast fat burning product and has got the thermogenic features

·        It suppresses the appetite and sweet cravings

·        It reduces the weight quicker than other fat burning products

·        It is noticeably a cheaper product of its type

·        It maintains and increases the metabolism of the body

·        It increases the endurance level too

·        It promotes the positive mood to do the daily exercise and workout

·        It is also used for the muscle definition

Daily dose and directions to use:

·        Take 1 capsule 10-20 minutes before the breakfast in the morning and 1 capsule 30 minutes before the daily workout

·        Do not take more than 3 capsules a day

·        Consult to your doctor first to increase the daily dose

·        Pregnant and nursing women should consult to the doctor first before using this product as this is a strong supplement to use

·        This product is strictly prohibited to people of under the age of 18

Side Effects:

This product may have some side effects like:

·        Minor liver damage

·        High blood pressure

·        Abnormal sweating

·        Increased heart beat

·        Nausea

·        Dizziness

·        vomiting

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MAX 07/07/2019

Excellent Product

Great product

Vinicius 07/07/2019

Excellent Product

Great energy product

Omar 07/07/2019

Amazing Product

Amazing product ! Better than any energy/fat burn products

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