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Synadrene Hi Tech Fat Burner DMAA
with DMAA, Yohimbine HCL, caffeine, … The legendary SYNADRENE slimming product is back in the original version!
45 capsules per pack


Get the long lasting weight loss effects by using the Synedrene Hi Tech Fat Burner DMAA.


The Synedrene Hi Tech Fat Burner DMAA is a special combination of natural ingredients and is used to reduce the weight. This supplement is liked the most as it has the super fast results in burning the excessive body fats. It is really helpful in reducing the appetite which will enable you to restrain yourself from over eating and to lose the weight easily. This product is available in the capsule form and each pack is containing 45 capsules.

Ingredients used:

·        Yohimbine HCL

·        DMAA

·        Caffeine

·        Chromium

·        Vitamin B3

·        Vitamin B6

·        Vitamin B12

·        Sulbutiamine

·        Methylxanthine

·        Sandalwood extract

·        Silicon

·        Magnesium stearate

·        Di-Potassium phosphate

·        Titanium dioxide

Effects of the supplement:

The Synedrene Hi Tech Fat Burner DMAA is a new and advanced formula to satisfy the demands and needs of the new generation. This is the best product for the athletes to increase their stamina to perform well. The best feature of this product is that this is really helpful in reducing the body weight by burning the excessive body fats. It is a super natural appetite suppressant and this will allow you to maintain your daily diet plan to achieve your desired goals. This product is used to increase the energy and endurance level as well. People who want to boost up their energy for the daily exercise and workout should try this product once. It will enhance the mood to do exercise with great power and you will remain fresh for all the day.

Key Benefits of the product:

·        This supplement is best for the athletes to reduce the body weight and to increase the stamina to perform well

·        It is a super fat burning supplement and it burns the most stubborn fat deposits too

·        It blocks the new fat deposits and that is how you will get the results for a longer period

·        It is a super natural appetite suppressant

·        It enhances the positive mood and makes your powerful to do the exercise

·        It increases the focus and alertness

·        It maintains the metabolism of the body and increases the energy level of the human body

Daily dose and directions:

·        On initial level, you should take not more than 2 capsules a day according to your suitability

·        Take 1 capsule in the morning on empty stomach 20 minutes before the breakfast and take another capsule 30 minutes before the daily exercise or workout

·        You can increase the daily dose according to your suitability but do not take more than 3 capsules daily

·        This product and dose is suitable for both men and women but pregnant and nursing women should consult to their doctor before using this supplement

·        This product is prohibited to the people of under the age of 18

Side Effects:

Some side effects may occur because of over dose which are:

·        Headache

·        Insomnia

·        Stomach ailments

·        Increased heart beat

·        Vomiting

·        Nausea

·        Diarrhea

·        Dizziness

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Shanequa 07/08/2019


These are amazing! They came sooner than I expected and they are pretty much the same as the other product I use to take (SYNADRENE )which Is exactly what I was looking for! I will definitely be ordering again from this company. Thanks

Thashous 07/08/2019


Ik heb nogal wat verschillende vetverbranders gebruikt en ze gestapeld met verschillende supplementen voor focus, maar dit was veruit de beste. Eén pil haalt de dag door wat concentratie en concentratie betreft, het neemt echt het verlangen naar voedsel weg en het blijft de hele dag door vet verbranden. De energie is schoon in tegenstelling tot zenuwachtig, en het houdt je gefocust, maar laat je ook je geest zuiveren. Betere voorraad voordat het te laat is !!

MIKE 07/08/2019

The best product ever take

I took one in the morning and one in the afternoon beside my meal plan and honestly I mixed the Synadrene and Caps of L-Arginine and got an amazing pre-workout ...Synadrene alone is also amazing would definitely recommend 5 stars +1 !!!!

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