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Ecdysterone L-Leucine Magnus Supplements


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Product: Ecdysterone L-Leucine
Manufacture: Magnus
Quantity: 200 mg
Pack: 180 Caps

Active substance: Methandienone, L-Ecdysterone, L-Leucine


Ecdysterone L-Leucine Magnus Supplements:


Ecdysterone L-leucine is a supplement which is involved into the lean muscle mass development without any side effects which are linked with the change in the estrogen level. This is purely composed of the extract of the beta Ecdysterone extract. The source of that component is also the arthropod or the roots of some plants as well. The 20-hydroxyecdysone is involved in the development of the muscles and is extracted from the natural sources.

L-leucine is an essential and branched amino acid and is involved into the synthesis of proteins for the development of the muscles mass. This amino acid is basically involved into the protein synthesis and muscle mass development along with other essential amino acids helps in the growth of the muscle tissues, good for the body builders.

Ingredients used in that supplement:

The main ingredient of that supplement is the essential amino acid L-leucine which is the main component of many proteins. It is also involved into the enhancement of the muscle tissue along with other essential amino acid. Other ingredients include the binding agent, and other required substances to give the shape of that supplement.

Effects of that supplement:

This drug is designed for both males and female athletes and is also involved into the fat reduction process but the intake of the calorie is supposed to be reduced. This nutritional supplement is involved into the gain of both hard and dry muscle mass. It is involved into the production of the high amount of fat and high metabolic rate. The estrogen level into the body facilitates the release of the surplus amount of the fat protects the body from extra fat.

Benefits of the supplement;

This supplement use is of great importance for the body builders who wants to have proper muscle mass in defined period of time. This supplement is ideally recommended for the people who choose to do exercise every day for the strengthening of the muscles. This supplement is used for the strengthening of the muscles and is used to improve the working capacity and stamina.

There is no testicular shrinkage is observed with this supplement. There are not such side effects; it’s completely safe as it does not cause hypertension and gynecomastia.  Ectysterone is intended to offer an upgrade mental performance and amplified glycogen storage. With the help of this product cardiovascular well-beings are improved and are maintained with the fundamental value addition in the physical function. The person who is using this product shouldn’t worry about fat aggregation and excessive water retention or bulky muscle mass with this supplement. Person should use only the recommended amount of this product and follow a low-fat diet to get a shredded physique without bloating.

Dosage and course:

·        It is recommended to take 2 capsules twice a day preferably with meals, for dieting phase.

·        Best or optimal cycle duration or time period is 4 weeks.

·        This anabolic steroid is safe having no side effects. It is healthy and useful for liver and reduces the blood glucose levels and helps in the balanced cholesterol level.

·        By using this supplement there is no noticeable difference in the serum testosterone level is evident.

·        By using this product there is no significant effect on triglycerides.

·        By using this product there are no changes in the stress hormones or cortisol levels.


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Men 06/19/2019


<br /> Great quality products<br /> Great quality products

real 06/19/2019

good product in amazing website

Produto muito bom, superou minhas expectativas, adorei a entrega rápida e os brindes

Imprt 06/19/2019

Very good product!

Great product, exceeded my expectations, recommend it to everyone!

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