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Andarine (S-4) - Magnus


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Product name: Andarine S-4
Substance: Andarine 25mg/1cap. (100caps.)
Manufacturer: Magnus Pharmaceuticals


Andarine (S-4) – Magnus

Introduction of the product

This supplement is considered one among the first SARM (Selective androgen receptor modulator). S4 is also called andarine and it is popular because of its use in Olympics till 2018 after that it was banned from athletics history due to its side effects. The effect of andarine was notice on strengthen of muscle, muscle gain as well as fat loss. It can also be used in combination with other SARM and this combination therapy seems to work best as compare to other therapies. Well known combination therapy which is use to suppress the testosterone at higher dosage.

Ingredients in that supplement

Most commonly it contains selective androgen receptor modulator that increase its binding efficiency with other SARM, other than this it contains binding agents that increase its binding ability.

Effect of the supplement

Its most common side effect noted now a day is on eye sight (visual abnormality). Not official report has been submitted yet but according to most common report it effect is noted as nighttime blindness or color alteration. This effect is due to the presence of S4 , after the consumption of S4 within few day it shows its side effects because its metabolites can easily bind with the receptor present on eyes and cause eye problem.

Benefits of the supplement

There are many benefits of that supplement few are mentioned bellow:

·        Due to its fast-acting ability it is used to treat most commonly muscle diseases mainly muscle wasting condition

·        This supplement is also involved into the maintenance and to provide strength to the lean muscles.

·        This product is mainly Used by athletics and body builder for the better results of their trainings

·        It is widely used among the gymnastic persons as it is involved into the building and strengthening of the muscles and the main purpose for the gymnastic person is the building of the strength.

·        This supplement is highly soluble into the blood that is the main reason that it has wide range of bioavailability.

·        It provides muscle and bone strength due to its steroid like effect as steroid help to build the muscle and bone strength due to its rapid action.

·        This supplement is also Use to gain muscle and to lose fat.

·        Reduce chorine deficiency by using combination therapy.

·         This supplement has significant in for the athletes and body builders as it is involved into the lean and body muscle development.


Dosage of supplement

Most commonly dosage is prescribing by therapist because it’s high dosage although help to gain muscle mass but it can affect the eyesight. According to therapist 25mg dosage have no side effect but if the range of the dosage is exceedingly more than 50mg then it may cause many medical situations like yellow coloring or the color blinding. Due to this reason it is prescribed that the user must not exceed the recommended dose for the sake of more rapid or massive result, for sure it will lead to severe damage in the physiology of that person.

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Walysson 07/08/2019


very satisfied with the product

TOLU C. 07/08/2019


gave me more strength in my training .

Paulo 07/08/2019


Excellent product! Efficient and corresponds to the advertised, without exaggeration! I already bought more!

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