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RAD140 (Testolone) - Magnus


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Contents: 100 capsules RAD140 Magnus Pharmaceuticals
The active ingredient per capsule: 5 mg RAD140
Manufacturer: Magnus Pharmaceuticals


                                 RAD140 (Testolone) – Magnus

Introduction of the supplement

This supplement is the source to ensure the functioning level of testosterone into the body. As the component testolone is involved into the same type and same manner of activities as that of testosterone. That effects of that supplement are tested on the anabolic mechanism the effects related to that mechanism are same as that of in the presence of the testosterone. So, someone with testosterone imbalance situation can use that supplement to ensure testosterone related functioning into the body.

Effects related to that supplement

This supplement is most effective in use and is involved into the normal body functioning. But few users’ claims that this supplement have almost same effects as that of steroids. Thus, you can imagine that with the use of that you are able to get the lean muscle development and strength. You can also lose body fat if you want to.

As this supplement is very strong so user can expect very fast and better response. Due to the high binding ability with androgen receptors of that supplement it is considered one of the most important and selective.

Benefits related to that supplement

There are many benefits related to that supplement few of them are given below:

·        This compound has high anabolic ratio is involved into the muscle mass building; someone can easily build the muscle with the use of that supplement along with the use of recommended dose by the dietician.

·        The persons who have low level of testosterone can use the anabolic testosteroid and can get the best and the same results as in the case of the testosterone without any side effects.

·        This supplement is best for those who are using other supplement and are facing few side effects as the exact dose of that supplement of free of any type of side effects.

·        This supplement is involved into the testosterone related functions

·        As this is the agonist for the testosterone receptors.

·        They are basically taken to improve the results of the workout or training.

·        This supplement is involved into the muscle development of the user as it directly increases the synthesis of the protein synthesis thus indirectly increases the muscle mass building.

·        As this supplement have the same effects as that of the supplement then we can say that it can also controls other testosterone activities like male sex related characteristics and many more.


As the half life of that supplement is 15-20 hours so the user needs only one dose a day. This is the most important one point as incase of other supplements the user needs many doses in a day.

Possible side effects

This product has no side effects if the use is according to the recommendation but when the use of that supplement is increased for the better results then it will be the cause of many problems. With the use of that supplement daily exercise is also necessary otherwise it will be difficult the normal functioning of the body.

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ALEX 07/08/2019

excellent product

Feel the effects before 5 doses I liked a lot

JAMES 07/08/2019

excellent product

excellent product

FABIO 07/08/2019


Top product, good results recommend to future buyers who like quality ...

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