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OSTARINE X2 (SARM MK-2866) - 10 MG, 100 TAB


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Product: OSTARINE X2 (SARM MK-2866) - 10 MG, 100 TAB
Quantity: 10 MG

Pack: 100 TAB


          OSTARINE X2 (SARM MK-2866) - 10 MG, 100 TAB


This product was designed initially developed for the treatment of atrophy, but now it is widespread in use among bodybuilders and athletes because of its important, effective and excellent strength enhancing properties. This product is a potent selective androgen receptor modulator or SARMs. It provides extremely improved bone strength, better cognition along with high libido and physical performance, within few weeks of its usage.

Mechanism of action:

·        It has specific target so this drug specifically targets muscle androgen receptors instead of organ receptors.

·        It works when it binds to androgen receptors in the muscles.

·        Ultimately it will increase or accelerated muscle growth.

·        It provides muscle gain simultaneously as well as provides portioning resulting in fat loss.


·        This is almost one of the best and safest drugs to be used.

·        It is safe if used normal and optimum amounts.

·        It also provides dose dependent so increase lean body mass.

·        It provides or improves weightlifting ability as well as improves workout performance of an athlete.

·        Specifically, movement like squats.

·        It is very effective in healing, as a healer it helps in the recovery from heavy exercises.

Dosage and duration of the course:

·        It has also some standards for the duration. The ideal or standard minimum duration of the cycle is 8 weeks and the maximum duration limit of this course is 12 weeks

·        The ideal or standard daily dosage of this drug is 20mg and it can also be divided into two equal doses per day like 10mg tab twice a day.

·        Always use this after consultation with your doctor.

·        Only recommended dose should take.

·        Do not exceed that recommended amount and stick to the regular exercise for better results.

·        Proper diet is important to get up to 12lbs, lean mass gain.

·        The half life of this product is almost 24 hours.

Drug combination and post cycle therapy:

It is effectively combining with ligandrol and cardarine because of these two powerful and excellent stamina increasing and fat reducing effects.

·        20mg/day cardarine

·        25mg/day ostarine

·        20mg/day ligandrol

To get best and long lasting effects there are the ideal and maximum doses for the purpose of stacking and can be continued for 8 weeks.

Normally this product is very safe but post cycle therapy after the course of ostarine is required to regain or restore natural level of testosterone.

Red growth supplements is usually recommended for this purpose that have all the necessary ingredients to store or preserve the muscles gain as well as detoxifying the body after the cycle.

Side effects and precautions:

Although this drug is safe but it is not allowed for some persons having these medical conditions;

·        Angina or cardiac disorders

·        Renal disorders

·        Liver patients

It does not the reason of gynecomastia.

Because of over dose they are usually manifested.

Normally safe in use but some side effects are

·        Short term suppression of testosterone.

·        Headache

·        Water retention

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samuel lee 07/08/2019

Very good

Very good and fast delivery

james Skk. 07/08/2019

Love it

It’s one of the best bang for your buck muscle building supplements that really helps build strength and muscle mass.

danny leo 07/08/2019

Excellent Strength Builder...

It increases protein synthesis and uptake, and there is very noticeable strength gains when using it than when not using it.

danny leo 07/08/2019

Excellent Strength Builder...

It increases protein synthesis and uptake, and there is very noticeable strength gains when using it than when not using it.

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