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Product: ENDUROBOL (GW501516)

Manufacturer: Magnus Pharmaceuticals

Quantity: 5mg

Pack: 100 Capsules

Steroid cycle: Weight Loss

Active substance: ENDUROBOL (GW501516)




This is also known as margarine which is widely being used and proffered by gym enthusiasts, and for bodybuilders for some of its properties such as, combating cardiovascular disorders, great muscle building and stabilizing blood cholesterol levels, which improves HDL cholesterol level about 79% and it also decrease LDL.

This drug considered as peroxisome prolirator-activator receptor or PPAR, delta activator.

Firstly, it is developed by a scientist by Glaxo Smith Kline because of its positive effects on diabetes, brain and prevention of breast and prostate tumors. Because of its ability of acid metabolism, promoting stamina and reducing fats as it is very highly appreciated by bodybuilders and athletes.

Studies and evidence suggested that no other information’s of cancer is seen particularly in human studies as this drug effects has to be monitored for prolonged period of time to check or detect the risk of cancer.

Working and advantages:

        This product works by increasing the exercise performance of body builders to the best of its ability or capacity.

        This drug also helps in excessive or massive weight loss without any damage to the body muscle.

        This product is considered as an exceptional agent to deal with fats melting for the athletes and bodybuilders.

        It is also working to stimulate glucose uptake.

        This Endurobol can also be used favorably during both bulking and cutting phases of training.

        After heavy exercise or workout and weightlifting this product smartly increases endurance capacity and aids in faster body recovery, this property of this drug reduces the gap between workout sessions.

Duration of course and dosage;

        There are some standards for every drug for this Endurobol the daily standard recommended amount is 10mg/ml. it can be taken in both ways, at once or split into 2 times a day.

        If the drug has been used for a long duration of time and body perfectly adapted to its mode of action, Dosage can be enhancing or increased to 20 mg/ml.

        The optimal and general cycle of duration is almost about 4 to 6 weeks but it’s totally depends on the individual preference.

        There dosage should never exceed 20mg, only progressive and professional athletes can go for a higher dose of this drug.

        12 weeks is its advance duration of this course with a gap of 4 weeks before starting another cycle.

        The half-life of this product is 16 to 24 hours.

        It remains in the body for this long time and does not require frequent intake.

        Perfect dose for this is 10mg aligned with the half-life to maintain stable blood levels.

        Higher and advanced dosage of 20mg should be taken after 12 hrs.


Drug combination:

The perfect combination of this drug is with LGD 4033 and MK2886 is usually advised.


Side effects:

        Studies on animals have shown that its cancerous effects but there are no such evidence is available on human study.

        But over dose can cause onset of side effects.

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