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Ecdysterone L-Leucine Magnus Supplements The strength of Dianabol (Methandienone) – without its side effects! 180 capsules L-Ecdysterone L-Leucine Magnus Supplements 200 mg Ecdysterone & 200 mg L-Leucine


Increase the muscle mass and make your muscles stronger without the side effects of dianabol.


The Ecdysterone L-Leucine Magnus Supplements is becoming really famous among the body builders. This specific product is specifically manufactured to improve the protein metabolism in the body. It provides the lean muscle mass. It also helps to maintain and to increase the stamina and to boost up the energy level to meet the desired requirement of the bodybuilding. This product is available in capsule form and each pack of this product contains 180 capsules.

Ingredients of the product:

·        Magnesium stearate

·        Rhaponticum carthamoides extract

·        L-leucine

·        Gelatin

Effects of the product:

This product is mostly liked by the bodybuilders as it helps to increase the lean muscle mass and burns extra body fats. This is the best product to increase the stamina and energy level. It is really helpful to increase the endurance level and to maintain the daily workout motivation. It greatly affects the positive moods and makes you alert and active. The natural ingredients used in this product are also helpful to improve the sexual health in men. It helps to maintain and renew the male sexual potential. It is really important to maintain the bone health. This product can also be used to reduce the anxiety and to make you calm. It helps to prevent the loss of muscle mass.

Key Benefits of the product:

·        It maintains the nitrogen in the body

·        It stimulates the synthesis of proteins in the body

·        It helps to increase the muscle mass

·        It reduces anxiety

·        It is really helpful in reducing the fatigue

·        It improves and protects the human immune system

·        It improves the immune system

·        It increases the energy, stamina and endurance level

·        It improves and increases the metabolism of the body

·        It is really helpful to maintain the bone health

·        It can also be used to maintain and renew the male sexual potential

Directions to use and daily dose:

·        Take 1 capsule three times a day with meals or before the training

·        You can take 2 capsules at a time and can take the dose two times a day too

·        Do not exceed the prescribed dose to avoid any kind of serious health issues

·        This product is suitable for both men and women but women should consult to their doctor to know about the most suitable daily dose

·        This product is not suitable for the people of under the age of 18

·        The nursing and pregnant women are advised not to use this product without the consent of the doctor

·        It should be noticed that if you have any liver or kidney problem and taking any kind of medication for the liver or kidney diseases then you should not take this product.

Possible side effects:

It is totally safe product to use and have almost no side effects. Take the medication according to the prescription and your tolerability and you will not have any health issue.

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Alex 06/19/2019


Great cost benefit, price in account and the result is expected

lil .D 06/19/2019



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Happy with the performance of theseECDYSTERONE L-LEUCINE MAGNUS SUPPLEMENTS

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