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Testaflex Pure Labs Testosterone Booster
180 capsules / serving size 3 capsules / 80 servings
Testaflex Pure Labs Testosterone Booster is a testosterone booster with integrated joint protection.
Boosts your testosterone levels, secretion of growth hormones & has anti-inflammatory effects! Reinforces IGF-1


Get the Testaflex Pure Labs Testosterone Booster capsules to increase the growth hormones and testosterone.


The Testaflex Pure Labs Testosterone Booster is a multi-acting product as it is a proved testosterone booster and growth hormone booster. This product is really useful to improve the joint health. It is an anabolic steroid free supplement which provides help to increase the muscle mass and to make the muscles strong. This product is available in capsule form and each pack of this product contains 180 capsules.

Ingredients used in it:

·        D-aspartic acid

·        Vitamin D3

·        Cissus quadrangularis

·        Gelatin

·        Magnesium stearate

Effects of the product:

The Testaflex Pure Labs Testosterone Booster is the best product having to main benefits, to boost up the natural testosterone level and to support the joints’ health. This product is known the best for the bodybuilders, boxers, athletes, footballers, rugby players and wrestlers who need rapid injury recovery. This is also useful to increase the muscle mass and to make the muscles harder. It provides massive energy and power to do the heavy workout and to get the best and desired body shape in due time. This product is used to increase the growth hormone as the natural ingredients used in it are helpful for the secretion of growth hormone. This product is considered great for the synthesis of testosterone. This is also known as cortisol inhibitor and has no negative effects on muscles or bones. It helps to produce the insulin-like growth factor 1 which is considered helpful in preventing the enzymes from breaking down the hormone.

Main benefits of this product:

·        It is the best product it improves the health of joints and bones

·        It is used as the immense testosterone booster

·        It is used as anti-inflammation

·        It is an anti-estrogen

·        It improves the metabolism of the body

·        It increases the muscle mass and provides strength to the muscles

·        It increases the natural growth hormones

·        It is helpful to increase the insulin-like growth factor 1 which prevents the enzymes from breaking down the hormone

·        It is the best cortisol inhibitor

·        It improves the sexual desire and health and enhances the mood

·        It improves the synthesis of testosterone

·        It prevents muscles bones and joints from negative effects

Daily dose and directions to use:

·         Take 3 capsules twice a day, take one dose in the morning with breakfast and take the other dose before the training or workout

·        Do not exceed the recommended dose to avoid any health issue

·        This product is suitable for both men and women

·        Breast feeding and pregnant women should consult to their doctor prior using this product

·        This product is not suitable for the children and the people of under the age of 18

Possible side effects:

·        Diarrhea

·        Dizziness

·        Minor muscle pain

·        Risk of osteoporosis

·        Dry mouth

·        Vaginal dryness

·        Hot flushes

·        Abnormal heart beat

·        Increased urination

·        Upset stomach

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dionor 06/19/2019


I have 54 years I am supplementing with DHEA at 15 days the libido has already increased a lot more I hope more results.

Kenneth W 06/19/2019


No complaint website is ok as for me, my product was delivered

karen s. 06/19/2019


This is an absolute must have, I Love it.<br />

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